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Entry doors

Personalize your home with a unique entry door! Each entry door is custom-made to match the siding and windows of your property. We offer a multitude of color and design options!

Sturdy and watertight construction thanks to the excellent quality materials used.

The versatility of this door will enhance the style of your home.

We also offer a wide selection of door windows from Novatech, Verre Select, Vitre-Art and Masonite. You are sure to find a design you like!

Sturdy construction due to the fiberglass used in its construction. It will not crack, dent or rust.

Its wood grain finish gives it a rich cachet while increasing its resistance to scratches.

We offer a wide selection of stained glass windows that will let light into your home while maintaining your privacy.

Our products

Our selection of front doors includes classic, modern and country models so you can find the one that best suits the style of your home. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice on choosing your front door!

Patio doors

In aluminum or PVC, white or colored, your patio door will be custom made to match your home. Choose from the options we offer to further customize it to your taste and decor.

This is a sliding door with a sturdy aluminum-clad wood frame and aluminum-clad PVC sashes for maximum weather tightness. This patio door is distinguished by the beauty of the exterior finish. Several colors are available at no additional cost.

This patio door has the charm of a garden door with its wide sashes, but has the efficiency of a sliding door. It is also available in triple glass. Its frame is distinguished by the rigidity of wood combined with the durability of PVC.

This sliding door has a sturdy wood frame covered with PVC. It is energy efficient and has an attractive design. With the options available, the PVC patio door can also be customized to add a touch of distinction to your home.

This type of sliding door is equipped with aluminum frame and sashes. Its 4 sashes (2 rows of aluminum sliding panels) offer excellent acoustic and energy performance. Thanks to its design, the aluminum patio door is very robust and durable.

Our products

Our high quality patio doors will add light to your room while providing superior soundproofing and insulation.

Garden doors

Garden doors add a unique style to a home. Plus, if you choose the option of two operable doors, you'll create a larger opening than with a patio door.

Solid and waterproof door, thanks to the excellent quality materials used in its design. Its versatility will certainly highlight the style of your home.

The screen option allows you to make the most of the summer season.

Our products

We offer many models of garden doors, which can be customized according to the style of your home, for example by choosing the color or adding a tile.

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